facelift surgeryNowadays, thanks to innovative techniques, the facelift surgery is minimally invasive and comprehensive. The results are also durable and natural. You’ve been searching for a plastic surgeon to answer your questions about the procedure? Before scheduling your consultation with Dr.Balti, read these frequently asked questions from previous patients, you might get the answers you need.

I want to get a facelift but I’m worried about the scars. Where are the incisions made ? How long will the scars be visible ?

During the facelift surgery, also called rhidectomy, the incisions are made in inconspicuous areas where the hairline begins such as the temporal area, the neck and around the ears. The scars will be visible during a few weeks, but they gradually fade over a period of 1 year.

I’m professionally very active, should I go on a specific diet or apply an ointment after my facelift ?

Yes, several topical creams are available to minimize swelling, bruising and scars, Dr.Balti’s prescription for the recovery includes this type of medication among others. Except spicy food that may be harmful for the incision sites, a balanced diet, proper water intake and rest is all the body needs to heal. Sun exposure is also a major threat while the scars are healing. Wearing a hat while outside is highly recommended during the first months following surgery.

Are there less invasive alternatives to the traditional facelift? I’m worried about the scars being too obvious.

Yes, the mini-facelift technique is performed through very short incisions to address minimal skin laxity / sagging. This procedure, however, is designed to correct small imperfections for patients who do not expect a significant facial rejuvenation, but rather targeted improvements.

My facial expression says ‘I’m tired’, I have wrinkles on my forehand and around my eyes. Should I choose the facelift ?

Dr.Balti has to examine your face and be aware of your age before making any recommendation. Injectables such as Botox and hyaluronic acid based fillers work well for patients who are unsure about undergoing surgery. If the rejuvenating results of non-invasive treatments aren’t enough, the face and neck lift can be considered, it is the safest and most efficient facial rejuvenation procedure available.