Treating one of the most persistent fat deposits : saddlebags

Saddlebags is the term used to designate fat deposits located in the outer side of the thighs.

This area tends to retain fat even with weight loss and despite efforts in the lifestyle, food and exercise departments. The size of this particular fat deposit can become a problem when it comes to finding fitting clothes, which is why many women request saddlebags liposuction. While fat deposits can be treated liposuction, there are two types of issues in the outer thigh area :

  • Real saddlebags (fat deposits)
  • Fake saddlebags due to gluteal muscle laxity, which disappears when the muscle contracts.

Liposuction : an efficient treatment to remove saddlebags

Liposuction can remove excess fat very efficiently and permanently in the saddlebags area when exercise and diet do not offer significant results. However, liposuction is not a weight loss treatment.The goal of the procedure is not to control the patient’s weight, therefore it is not recommended in case of obesity.

Liposuction is intended to remove persistent and localized fat deposits in order to correct disproportions in the thighs.

In case of gluteal muscle laxity only, only targeted exercise can improve the appearance of the area.

Saddlebags liposuction results are not immediate since it takes time for the skin to retract over new contours.

Patients have to heal properly and wait a period of approximately 3 months to be able to see the definitive result. After a year, liposuction offerts cellulite alleviation which can be furthermore improved with exercise and healthy eating habits.

Wondering if liposuction can remove your saddlebags for good ? Get in touch with Dr.Balti to know what result you can expect as well as the specifics of surgery. You can use the contact form of Dr.Balti’s website to send photos of the area you wish to treat with liposuction to get a preliminary assessment.