First of all, you need to protect yourself from UV and high temperatures every time you are outside. Skin care, mesotherapy and skin boosters are very useful for skin hydration before and after the holidays to repair skin in the face, cleavage and hands areas. Injectables can also help alleviate fatigue and energize the face.

Slimming down the figure with body contouring treatments such as coolsculpting can help you look your best in a bikini. Working on your silhouette also includes healthy eating habits : reduce sugars intake and watch out for deficiencies (omega 3, magnesium, zinc, selenium). A nutritional assessment may be useful. Summer is also the most enjoyable time of the year to exercise outdoors.


Preparing your summer with the right treatments

Which non-invasive treatment should be avoided ?

Treatments that are harsh on the superficial skin layer should be avoided : chemical peels, certain laser treatments…

Which skin care products should be favored ?

These products have to be adapted to summer. Skin care can include vitamin C, A and E to provide antioxydants for the skin. Sunscreen is mandatory if you want to prevent premature skin aging, especially if you are outside during the afternoon or at the beach.


Mesolifts involve superficial injections of a vitamin and hyaluronic acid cocktail in the face, cleavage or back of the hands showing signs of sun damage. This cocktail is intended to hydrate skin and protect it from UV.

Injectables to prepare summer

Injections can alleviate wrinkles, fill in hollowed facial areas and restore volume in the hands. Injectables offer a reliable solution when it comes to freshen up a tired looking face and facial rejuvenation.