When looking at the upper extremities of the body, aging signs can develop in the upper arms and back of the hands. The inner side of the upper arms often accumulates excess skin or show signs of tissue looseness whereas the cushion of subcutaneous fat coating the back of the hands tends to slim down, which causes blood vessels, tendons and bones to show.

Treating aging signs HANDS TUNISIA

Treating aging signs in the upper extremities

Rejuvenating the arms

Sagging skin in the upper arms is a very common aging sign because of the delicate skin covering this area. When this thin skin has lost a lot of its elasticity over time, sagginess can quickly develop and result in an unsightly overloaded appearance. To restore firmness and slim down sagging upper arms, surgeons usually perform skin resection to remove excess skin and sometimes combine liposuction to remove protruding fat deposits. To schedule your brachioplasty in Tunisia, get in touch with Dr.Balti through the contact form of the website.

Rejuvenating the hands

The goal of the procedure is to inject volume under the skin to compensate for age related volume loss. With age, especially for menopausal women, fat distribution changes in the body : areas such as the abdomen and hips tend to store more fat whereas the face, hands and genital region lose fat volume. Fat ‘melting down’ translates to thin skin, which is a visible aging sign. By injecting fillers or performing fat grafting, volume can be restored under the skin for a younger looking hand.

Both these areas can significantly affect a person’s appearance when aging signs develop prematurely and cosmetic treatments offer efficient solutions to age more gracefully.