The upper and lower eyelids have the function of protecting the eyes and spreading tears forming the tear film across their surface.

The under-eye area is a highly solicited area, each time we cry, smile or squint. The under-eye area is also the most fragile area of the face. Skin in this area is five times more thin than elsewhere. It contains less supporting fibers and over time, our daily 15000 eye blinks weaken those fibers, skin gets lose and seems more pleated.

The under-eye area is also highly vascularized, and since the skin is very thin there, blood vessels tend to show easily. This is why what we commonly call dark circles can often be seen under the eyes. These vessels can also cause under-eye bags when the function at a slow pace because of water retention swelling up the lower eyelids.

Under-eye bags can also be the result of fat migration over time. This fat is located between skin and muscles, it allows the eye to rotate more easily in the orbit. The amount of fat existing in the area varies from one patient to another, but it can shift from its position to fill up the lower eyelid and result in an unsightly appearance.

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Rejuvenating the under-eye area

Filler injections to treat the under-eye area

Wrinkles and lines become more and more visible with time and fatigue. In order to ‘smooth out’ the eyes, more and more patients turn to filler injections. Administered by dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, hyaluronic based filler injections can fill in wrinkles and hollows in the under-eye area.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) to treat the eyelids)

Sagging or swollen eyelids can be the cause of a sad or tired appearance of the face. The eyelid lift procedure is designed to address this specific issue by removing excess skin and restoring normal skin tension in the treatment area.