Even if ears that stick out aren’t a health issue, they can cause significant self-consciousness during adulthood. While some children learn to live with protruding ears, it can be harder to accept this defect later on in life. Cosmetic surgery offers a simple solution for patients whose confidence and well-being are affected by prominent ears : the otoplasty surgery. Walid Balti plastic surgery specialist, has been performing ear surgery for more than 12 years. To benefit from his expertise, use the contact form of the website.

ears surgery tunisia

ears surgery tunisia

Why do ears stick out ?

Prominent ears are relatively common and can be caused by multiple anomalies such as :

  • A malformation of the ear’s central fold (antihelix plication defect)
  • An overgrowth of the concha resulting in the forward projection of the ear
  • An abnormal position of the earlobe (earlobe valgus)

These defects tend to come together. Often hereditary, prominent ears disturb facial balance.

What can be done to correct prominent ears ?

Only plastic surgery can correct the auricle of the ear. By performing otoplasty, surgeons can reshape the ears cartilages according to the patient’s morphology and defects. The procedure offers excellent and permanent results.

How is otoplasty performed ?

Even if otoplasty is a very common and minimally invasive procedure, it requires a proper preoperative examination during which the patient’s motivations can be assessed along with the specificities of the defects in order to plan an optimal ear reshaping. Otoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia (slight corrections can sometimes be performed with local anesthesia). The surgery is 60 to 90 minutes long and can be performed as an outpatient surgery if no other procedure is combined. In most cases, surgeons work at removing excess tissue causing the defect and restoring normal position and symmetry.