Over time, skin tends to slacken in the whole body. When that happens, delicate areas with thin skin can sag : the chest, arms, buttocks, thighs, etc. The request for skin sagging treatments is therefore very common for women wishing to get their toned body back. Even though each operating plan is tailored to the patient’s needs and body, skin resection techniques are often used to treat sagging skin. Contact Dr Walid Balti through the contact form of his website to know which approach is the most suited for you.

Skin slackening or sagging

Skin slackening or sagging : what it is and why does it happen ?

What is skin sagging or slackening ?

Skin sagging is a distension of the skin caused by age related loss of elasticity. Cell renvewal is slowed down, which weakens fibroblasts (dermis cells that synthesize collagen and elastin. Slackening affects the muscles then the skin, which results in excess skin and sagging.

Expression wrinkles, particularly in the corner of the eyes or forehead, can show as soon as the early 30’s. However, at the age of 50, this process accentuates and can result in a more significant slackening. Typically, areas with thin skin tend to sag earlier than others, these are the following : the arms, lower stomach, breasts, buttocks and inner thighs. In order to restore the skin’s firmness, aesthetic medecine and cosmetic surgery offer reliable solutions.

When does skin slackens ?

Different factors can cause skin sagging :

  • Age : over time, the skin produces less collagen and elastin, which both contribute to skin elasticity and firmness. Under the effect of this process, the skin progressively slackens and sag.
  • Significant weight loss is also one of the main causes of skin sagging. When someone loses weight, flabby skin can persist in the face or stomach area. After an extended period of time being overweight or obese, the skin loses its ability to retract when weight loss occurs, especially when it happens fast, which is why it persists and sags with an unsightly appearence.
  • Certain hormonal changes can also cause skin slackening. This can happen at the age of menopause with a skin that tends to dry out, accentuating skin sagging even more.
  • Cigarettes are another risk factor. Nicotine has a negative effect on hyluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in our bodies, and accelerates skin aging.