The nose is located at the centre of the face, and when it is a source of embarrassment, it is impossible to hide, which tends to aggravate self-consciousness. Many patients considering having a rhinoplasty surgery in Tunisia have questions relating to the minimum age required and what the procedure can accomplish. Here are the answers to these frequent questions.

about rhinoplasty before consulting a surgeon

A few things to know about rhinoplasty before consulting a surgeon

What age is preferable to undergo rhinoplasty ?

Nose surgery is possible as soon as the face has completed is bone and cartilage growth, which is usually between the age of 16 and 18. This is an approximation and the patient’s mental maturity still has to be taken into account. Teenagers can sometimes have this surgery with the parents approval in case of significant psychological problem.

Can rhinoplasty correct anything ?

Yes, anything can be treated, starting with the most common cases of nasal hump and overly thick noses, even though certain cases can be more delicate to deal with :

  • When the skin is very thick, rhinoplasty is more complex. Those are often ethnic rhinoplasty cases where patients can have very short nasal bones, soft cartilages and thick nasal skin.
  • When the skin is very thin, the risk of irregularities or imperfections is greater.
  • If the bones are brittle : in patients between the age of 40 and 45, the skin doesn’t retract the same way and bones are more brittle.
  • In case of false nasal hump : patients presenting with a hollow between the eyes can seem to have a nasal hump. In this case, medical rhinoplasty (filler injections) is perfectly suited to treat the hollowed area.

Is the recovery easy to go through ?

Rhinoplasty can require an overnight stay under medical observation. The patient’s nose may need to be stuffed with wicks in order to prevent bleeding during two days and a splint has to stay place during a week to support the nose during healing. Bruising around the eyes is visible during one to two weeks.