The love handles might be pleasing to the ears, but they can cause significant self consciousness and confidence issues. Love handles tend to expand laterally and create a disproportion in the middle third of the body. A lot of men and women choose to have their liposuction surgery in Tunisia with Dr.Balti to treat this issue.

Love handles surgery tunisia

Love handles : why they form and how to treat them

What are the ‘love handles’ ?

The term ‘loves handles’ refers to fat deposit extending from the hips to the outer side of the abdomen and continues in the back. These fat deposits can be grabbed by the hands, they widen the waist above the hips and often make it impossible to find fitting clothes. Love handles develop more easily in women because they are genetically prone to store fat in this area, which makes it persistent, even with weight loss.

Why do love handles develop ?

Love handles are often the result of a diet too rich in sugar combined to a sedentary lifestyle. The body stores fat when calorie intake is grater than the body’s energy expenditure, which leads to fat excess in the love handles. Love handles are also linked to hormonal changes occurring during menopause. However, men aren’t spared either. At the age of 40, muscle mass tends to decrease, which paves the way for love handles.

Treatments available for love handles

There several treatments allowing patients to get rid of excess fat above the hips for a slimmer waist. Depending on what your expectations are, your practicians will recommend the most suited procedure.

If the love handles are clearly bulging over the hips, liposuction is usually recommended to slim down and reshape the waistline with a single procedure.

If the love handles are more subtle, a minimally invasive liposuction is usually enough to refine body contours.