Filler injections can restore harmonious proportions and balance in the face. The non-surgical facelift can do wonders to refresh a tired looking face, so if you want to benefit from a non-surgical and entirely reversible treatment with a trusted cosmetic and plastic surgeon abroad, get in touch with Dr.Balti to ask for advice and schedule your procedure while you’re in Tunisia.

Non-surgical lift for different age groups

Non-surgical lift for different age groups

Which aging signs can be treated ?


Static winkles are deep wrinkles that can be observed while the face is in a resting state. Those wrinkles appear around the age of 40 and accentuate over time :

  • The naso-labial folds, starting from each side of the nose and ending in the mouth corners
  • The bitterness folds, starting in the mouth corners and extending to each side of the chin

Fat migration

Aging causes facial volume loss, and this volume is mainly brought by fat tissue. Because of this process, the upper part of the face develops hollows while the lower face gets overloaded with sagging skin and fat migrating downwards.

Skin sagging

Skin progressively losing elasticity and facial muscles slackening pave the way to skin sagging and accumulating in the lower face.

Different concerns for different age groups

  • Hyaluronic acid based filler products
  • Filler injections can offer a perfectly natural facial rejuvenation in the hands a qualified practician : a rested and refreshed face without a single trace of the procedure.

Patients from 35 to 50 years old

The skin loses its firmness and volume loss starts to occur in the temples, cheekbones and tear troughs. Jowls also begin to form, facial roundness starts to fade and the naso-labial folds clearly deepen.

Patients from 50 to 65 years old

Significant changes occur in the lower face over the age of 50. Facial volume loss in the cheekbones area results in skin sagging over the naso-labial folds and highlighting them. Jowls become more prominent and bitterness folds frame the whole mouth.

Patients over 65 years old

Aging affects every tissue : muscles progressively atrophy, fat loses volume, skin slackens and withers. Bony structures become clearly visible and facial contours are blurred with significant jowls.