Filling up wrinkles

Wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds, the bitterness folds, wrinkles around the mouth and others tend to make an individual look sad or tired. Those aging signs can be treated alone when they aren’t too pronounced. However, over the age of 40, only treating winkles isn’t likely to offer a satisfying result because it will highlight facial volume loss (which causes skin sagging). In this case, Doctor Balti usually recommends a global facial rejuvenation.

Restore facial volume

Over time, the skin is progressively altered by bone recession and skin thinning down, which contributes to skin sagging. Single imperfections can be treated such as under eye hollows with hyaluronic acid injections, but in most cases, the whole face will benefit more from a comprehensive non-surgical treatment.

Correct nose and chin defects and restore facial roundness

Medical rhinoplasty might a term you are familiar with. This procedure uses hyaluronic acid to correct nose defects and imperfections, but it has many other applications :

  • Treating nasal humps
  • Improving nasal tips
  • Filling in hollows between the nose and the forehead
  • Correcting bad rhinoplasty results
  • For minor corrections of the chin, filler injections are enough to
  • Correct weak (or receding) chins
  • Fill in mentolabial furrows

The jaw can also be changed to a more squared shape by improving definition in the right angles of the jaw and along the jawline.

Plump up the lips

Over time, the lips tend to naturally dry out or lose volume, which makes them thinner and less defined. Skin in the lips is very delicate, therefore aging signs can be premature if they aren’t hydrated properly. Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to :

  • Draw mouth contours in order to enhance lips definition
  • Improve definition in the philtrum area (Cupid’s bow)
  • Increase lips volume for better symmetry
  • Moisturize the lips