Arm Lift surgery, referred to as brachioplasty, removes skin and possibly fat from the bottom side of the arms. The arm lift is often requested to correct the appearance of the arms after a massive weight loss that causes skin sagging.

arm lift tunisia

Who is the arm lift for ?

Bariatric surgery allows many patients to lose weight in order to avoid risks of serious conditions associated with obesity, it also leaves them with large amounts of excess skin that cannot retract since it has been stretched and weakened by weight gain in the first place. Many arm lift patients are bariatric patients who have lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time. Patients with excess skin in the arm area have difficulties finding adapted clothes and going shirtless at the beach. Since excess skin cannot be addressed by exercise or even non-invasive treatments, surgery is the only and most efficient course of action. When skin sagging is moderate, a less invasive type of arm lift can be performed with shorter incisions.

What happens during surgery ?

The procedure of arm lift in Tunisia aims at tightening skin in the arms by removing excess skin. Depending on the amount of excess skin, but also other factors such as the position of excess skin, the patient’s age, etc., two approaches can be used.

  • In case of significant skin distension with excess skin distributed in a large portion of the arm’s height, skin resection can be vertical, which will result in a vertical scar starting in the underarm. In order for the scar to be less visible, surgeons can make the incision in the middle of the inner side of the upper arms. In case of major excess skin, the incision can start from the thorax to end in the elbow.
  • In case of minor excess skin, skin resection can be made with a shorter incision in the underarm.

Surgeons determine the most suitable approach after a comprehensive assessment during the preoperative consultation.