Vaser liposuction, or HD liposuction, is a newer type of liposuction procedure designed to sculpt the body precisely by removing fat in problematic areas while exposing muscle groups in order to create more flattering contours. While standard liposuction is used to remove fat evenly, more recent techniques such as Vaser liposuction offers superior results. HD liposuction can treat superficial and deeper layers, but also intermediate layers to achieve more natural results that highlight the underlying muscles. This liposuction technique uses special cannulas to loosen fat. In our body, fat cells are connected to one another by connective tissue. Vaser liposuction can break down fat locally before removing it, which reduces trauma to tissues and therefore reduces postoperative bruising and swelling in treatment areas.


Which areas can be treated with Vaser liposuction ?

Vaser liposuction does not only treat specific areas of the body such as the abdominal region or flancs. It also treats the body as a whole to achieve a comprehensive and natural result. For HD liposuction, the most common treatment areas are the arms, the chest, the abdomen, the back, the flancs and the thighs. Vaser liposuction can remove fat to highlight the underlying muscles : the abdominal muscles, the pectoral muscles, the biceps, triceps and deltoids as well as the latissimus dorsi.

This advanced liposuction technique can also create reflections and shadows in precise areas on the skin. For this reason, Vaser liposuction is frequently combined with fat grafting. For male patients, fat can be transferred to the shoulders, chest and buttock regions to create a muscled appearance. For female patients, fat is often transferred in the buttock and breast regions to increase volume and improve shape. Women often choose to combine Vaser liposuction with a breast augmentation, a breast lift and or a tummy tuck.

Vaser liposuction benefits

Here is a list of benefits that only Vaser liposuction can offer :

  • Vaser liposuction can sculpt body contours with a high degree of precision, which improves muscle definition for a more athletic appearance.
  • Vaser liposuction can treat multiple areas in a single procedure.
  • Improved skin retraction after the procedure for more natural results and no irregularities.