Nowadays, men of all ages are using cosmetic surgery to improve and rejuvenate their appearance. Men often seek treatments to improve the appearance of their nose, to rejuvenate their face and to slim down their waistline. Here are the most suited cosmetic procedures for men.


Body contouring with liposuction

The ideal figure for men is slim and athletic, with large shoulders, a muscled torso, a flat abdomen and a narrow waist. However, with age, fat deposits tend to grow around the abdominal region, the flancs (love handles), the chest (gynecomastia) and along the chin and neck. Men tend to be bothered with excess fat in these regions because it is persistent and does not respond to exercise and diet.

In many cases, the cosmetic surgery, liposuction alone can efficiently treat these issues. Men retain skin elasticity longer than women and subcutaneous fat is more firm and vascularized in men. Because of these factors, liposuction is very efficient for male patients. Men presenting with lax and sagging skin as well as excess fat can choose for a standard skin removal technique in combination with liposuction. Skin removal can also be performed on men presenting with gynecomastia, which causes significant breast volume increase and therefore excess skin.

Comprehensive tummy tuck

Tummy tuck can be considered by men presenting with sagging skin (typically caused by massive weight loss), lax abdominal muscles and / or hernias. This procedure removes excess fat, tightens up muscles in the abdominal wall and slims down the waist. Men with good skin elasticity and moderate excess skin in the abdominal region can achieve satisfying results with liposuction alone.

Muscles definition

These recent years, cosmetic surgeons have developed safe techniques to improve muscle contour with implants and ‘sculpting’ procedures. Calf implants, for instance, are initially designed to restore a normal appearance of the legs for accident victims and patients suffering from polio. These implants can be used to correct many different defects and imperfections in the lower legs. Pectoral muscles can be used for the same purposes as well, for patients suffering from the Poland syndrome or healthy men who want to achieve a more athletic appearance by increasing volume in the pectoral region.

Abdominal etching is also a recent liposuction technique intended to improve abdominal muscle definition. Men considering cosmetic surgery to improve muscle definition are advised to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon for these newer procedures.