Having a child is one of the most fulfilling and precious experience of a woman’s lift. During pregnancy, the woman’s body changes as the baby grows. Here are the changes new moms can expect:

  • Breast ptosis (breast sagging)
  • Laxity in the tummy area
  • Stretch marks
  • Localized excess fat

The goal of the mommy makeover is to restore the shape and appearance of the woman’s body after pregnancy. The mommy makeover combines different post-pregnancy procedures, mainly targeting the stomach region and the breasts. The procedure can be tailored to each patient depending on the corrections needed.

Mommy makeover : treatment areas

To correct pregnancy and breastfeeding related imperfections, the mommy makeover can target different areas. To benefit from Dr.Balti’s body contouring expertise, schedule both your procedures today : a tummy tuck and a breast lift in Tunisia.

The stomach

After pregnancy, skin in the stomach area can become lax and generate excess skin. The ability of the skin to retract varies from one patient to another. When skin has lost elasticity, stretch marks tend to form. When excess skin has formed, it means that skin cannot retract on its own. Exercising and dieting are also ineffective against excess skin. It has to be removed surgically. Tummy tuck surgery includes skin removal in the tummy region to tone it up.

The breasts

During pregnancy, the breasts are impacted by weight fluctuations, hormonal fluctuations and later on by breastfeeding. The consequences of pregnancy on the breasts are breast ptosis (breast sagging) and breast volume loss, which can leave the breasts with an emptied-out appearance.

The mommy makeover typically includes a breast lift to address this issue, it can be performed with or without breast augmentation:

  • Breast lift with no augmentation: the actual breast volume is preserved and the breasts are lifted up higher on the chest.
  • Breast lift with implants: the breasts are lifted up and volume loss is corrected with breast implants