BodyTite is an innovative radio-frequency assisted liposuction technology designed for body contouring. BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to produce heat, which melts fat and tightens up skin.

The BodyTite device allows real time temperature monitoring and controlling, which avoid any risk of burn. The heat produced by the device can be controlled in the deep fat layer as well as at the skin surface. Skin laxity can be corrected optimally and safely this way.

What happens during a BodyTite treatment ?

The BodyTite device is made of a thin cannula and two probes. One of the probes is linked to the cannula, which is introduced under the skin through a short incision to deliver radiofrequency energy. The second probe slides on the skin and receives the energy emitted by the internal probe.

The internal probe heats up fat tissue at a temperature of 60°C (more or less). The energy is alleviated as it reaches the skin, heating up at a temperature of approximately 38°C. Temperature is adjusted according to the treatment area as well as the patient’s specificities. The BodyTite canula is moved across the whole area, releasing energy between the two probes. Heat emulsifies fat and causes skin retraction with the added benefit of inducing collagen production.

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When can you see BodyTite results ?

BodyTite results appear progressively. After a month, swelling has gone down and after a period of three months, body contours gain definition. Collagen production induced by the treatment is a slow process, therefore this benefit cannot be measured during the first month following a BodyTite session.

BodyTite treats skin laxity and is often combined with Vaser liposuction to remove excess fat. Both procedures synergize well to offer optimal Body contour improvements without  the usual and more extended incisions.