mommy makeover tunisMore and more women choose plastic surgery to reverse unwanted alterations of their body following pregnancy, usually in the stomach and breasts areas.

Breasts tend to inflate and deflate after breast feeding. These volume variations stretch the skin envelope of the breasts, which translates to breast ptosis when breast volume returns to normal. This is why the Mommy Makeover includes breast ptosis surgery (breast lift) in most cases.

Pregnancy significantly stretches the woman’s abdominal wall to accommodate the baby’s growth. Even with a good skin and muscle tone, the stomach area often has trouble bouncing back (muscle tension and skin retraction) after pregnancy, this is where the abdominoplasty comes in play (visit the abdominoplasty page of the website for more information about cosmetic surgery for flat stomach).

The Mommy Makeover surgery allows women to address multiple imperfections with one procedure to get a balanced figure, a flat stomach, firm breasts and a rejuvenated appearence.The scars resulting from the operation are less noticeable than ever thanks to improvements of both the surgical procedure and postoperative care.

Goals of the Mommy Makeover

For the stomach

Reshape the stomach area, make it flat and smooth by removing part of the stretch marks, excess fat and skin. Weakened or separated abdominal muscles are also repaired if necessary to tighten to abdominal wall and thin down the waistline.

For the breasts

Rejuvenate the breasts, restore their firmness and volume of origin. Distended areolas can be reduced and breast ptosis can be treated by removing excess skin and repositioning breast tissues higher.

The physical and psychological benefits of this combination of procedures are proven by numerous scientific studies. Today, combining multiple procedures doesn’t come with any additional risk of complication, which is why many mothers choose to restore their body to its ‘pre-baby state’. Other procedures can be switched or added to the combination as the surgery is customized to each patient’s needs.

If you’re wondering which procedures you should combine with a Mommy Makeover, get the advice of a surgeon specialized in breast and body contouring procedures by contacting Dr.Balti through the contact page of the website.