Facial contouring treatment of the lower face and neck is a common patient request. It relies on rejuvenation procedures, mainly face lift and contouring techniques, especially in case of double chin.

neck chin liposuction

Facial contours and neck definition

Whether it’s natural ageing causing facial contours laxity or a lack of definition with a double chin in young adults, cosmetic surgery techniques used for facial rejuvenation all have the same goal : reshape, improve lower face contours and restore the angle between the chin and neck.

Ideally, facial contours are well defined (distinct), as close to the jawline as possible. The jawbone has to remain subtle and devoid of jowls.

The angle between the neck and chin that can be seen from a side view has to be as close to 90 degrees as possible. In case of fat tissue excess in the chin or age related skin laxity, this angle lacks definition or is entirely filled with skin and / or fat. Surgical procedures targeting the neck are extremely efficient in this case. There are a few anatomy related limitations such as the underlying bone morphology, but results are good in most cases and the possibilities offered by the procedure are thoroughly detailed by the surgeon during the initial consultation so patients can make an informed decision.

Balance between each part of the face

We can all agree that a well defined face and neck is a desirable feature, but the rest of the face can’t be ignored. Flat or hollow cheeks, obvious dark circles and sagging eyelids can affect the result of a lower face and neck rejuvenation. Which is why the face has to be assessed by the surgeon as a whole, always : harmony between the different facial features must be prioritized.