Many of us would love to get rid of fat bulges growing in the stomach with time. Diets are rarely efficient and their potential side effect can make things worse, namely gaining weight instead of losing weight. A few hours of exercise won’t fix the issue either. If liposuction isn’t a treatment for excess weight, it definitely treats persisting fat deposits to slim down the stomach area, no matter how old you are, provided you’re in hands of the best cosmetic surgeon in Tunis, Dr.Balti.

Lipoplasty Tunisia


Liposuction is a surgical technique originating in France that removes excess fat with a thin hollow steel tube (called cannula) connected to a vacuum system. It allows beautiful and dramatic transformations of the patient’s figure without leaving any scars.

The efficiency of liposuction relies on the fact that an individual’s number of fat cells doesn’t change after the beginning of puberty and they can’t multiply themselves. Therefore, if a liposuction procedure removes half of the fat cells in an area of the body, it will have a hard time gaining volume from fat cells again.


Who is for ?

Lipoplasty in Tunisia is for any woman wishing to get rid of localized fat deposits resisting to diets and exercise.

What can I expect from liposuction ?

Liposuction can make any fat excess disappear as long as the patient’s weight remains relatively stable following surgery. If weight gain does happen after the procedure, new fat deposits will likely develop in other areas than the one treated.

What liposuction doesn’t do

Liposuction is not designed to treat obesity. Also, the procedure requires a certain elasticity of the skin to allow proper retraction after fat removal and for the result to be satisfactory. This is why stomach liposuction must be combined to skin excess removal in cases where the stomach has been severely damaged by pregnancy.