Facial rejuvenation men tunisiaNowadays, facial rejuvenation concerns both men and women. The face and neck lift can remove aging signs often appearing prematurely in these areas and accentuated by smoking and sun exposure. Modern facelift techniques now offer a perfectly natural result.

The face and neck lift aims at restoring facial features to a younger state for men with a certain degree of skin and platysma laxity making the whole face and neck look saggy. The procedure improves facial contours by removing jowls and improves neck definition by removing the double chin. If you want to schedule your facelift in Tunisia with Dr.Balti, get in touch by using the contact for of his website.

Particularities for men

Men’s facial and neck aging is very different than women’s

While men’s facial skin is relatively thick because of beard hairs, hairless parts of the neck are as fragile as women’s due to the thinness of the skin in this area. Also, the male neck is an area where fat tend to accumulate in excess and sometimes forms a double chin.

Men’s additional risk factors

Exercising outside without sun protection worsens facial aging. Unlike women, men usually don’t use cosmetic skin care, which increases the risk of premature facial aging. A lot of middle aged men concerned with this problem request their cosmetic surgery in Tunis to benefit from the expertise of Dr.Balti, quality medical attention and low prices.

The necessity of a natural result

The face and neck lift doesn’t change the patient’s natural facial expression, it rejuvenates the different features of the face and restores its rested appearance. The goal is for the patient to ‘recognize’ himself after surgery and for his entourage to be unable to detect the surgical procedure, which is all the more important for men.

Men’s goals are different from women’s

The main motivation can originate from a personal feeling or from often being told : ‘you look tired’ by friends, family and colleagues. It can also come from the end of a relationship and the associated desire to look attractive, younger and to start over.