Having a beautiful and balanced figure is one of the most common request for men and women considering cosmetic surgery. This request requires a comprehensive body contouring approach from the surgeon.

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Liposculpture for men and women

Body contouring for a more feminine figure

In order to feel good about themselves, a lot of women want to combine seduction and well-being. Contouring the women’s body consists in changing shapes and volumes with liposuction surgery (not focusing on a single area of the body). To offer a feminine and harmonious figure, surgeons work at creating beautiful curves and lines. This can be done by slimming down the waist, the saddlebags and reshaping the buttocks. During the same procedure, liposuction can be used to remove excess fat deposits and create a beautiful back arch, then fat grafting can bring volume in the buttocks or breasts depending on the patient’s needs.

Body contouring for a more masculine figure

A lot of men want to rejuvenate their figure, slim down certain areas and highlight their muscles. In order the contour men’s body, surgeons usually work on the abdomen, hips and torso. Again, during the same procedure, the abdominal muscles can be revealed by removing excess fat with liposuction, love handles can be removed as well as excess fat covering the pectoral muscles. Patient who benefit from body contouring are usually motivated to maintain their new figure by exercising regularly and eating healthy.

Liposculpture is a comprehensive approach of the body, a search for harmony combining beauty and well-being. Since each patient has unique preferences, clear patient’s expectations as well as careful listening from the surgeons are imperative for the success of the procedure.