A few answers about rhinoplasty before you schedule a consultation

What happens when I wake up from anethesia ?

Typically, after an overnight stay under medical observation, patients are discharged. Nasal packing are placed in each nostril to avoid bleeding. Nasal packing is removed 3 to 4 days after surgery. After that, a splint is placed to support the nose, which has to stay in place for 10 days. Bruising and swelling start to appear the day after surgery. 10 to 15 days off work are enough for most patients to recover from surgery. Wearing glasses is not recommended during a period of one month following surgery.

How can I clean my nose during the recovery ?

With a dropper containing physiological serum and by following the surgeon’s instructions.

What do rhinoplasty scars look like ?

Cosmetic nose surgery is performed inside of the nose, it is called the endonasal approach. Therefore, scars are not visible. Bruises can develop in the eyelids, but they usually fade in 2 to 3 days.

What are the usual postoperative instructions ?

After a rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon’s instructions must be followed to insure optimal healing. Patients who exercise regularly have to stop all physical activities during two months, sometimes more depending on the surgeon’s appreciation. It is also imperative to stop smoking before and after surgery to avoid additional complication risks. The nose has to be protected from sun exposure without wearing sunglasses.

Is postoperative pain expected during the recovery ?

Only mild pain can be felt after surgery, which can easily be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the surgeon if necessary.

How do hyaluronic acid (‘HA’) injections correct the nose ?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearence of the nose. Aesthetic medicine offers an alternative to surgery to correct nose defects and imbalances. HA, which is a naturally occuring substance in the human body, interacts with water to create volume in the injection sites, under the skin. This caracteristic can be used to improve shape, alignement and proportions of the nasal tip as well as the bridge and dorsum.