20 years ago, face lift surgery was a fairly common procedure. Cosmetic surgery techniques were radical at that time. Today, patients are looking for subtle results to refresh their face and avoid going to extremes with their appearance. Cosmetic surgery in Tunis is no longer reserved to celebrities and wealthy people.

Surgical techniques have evolved and frozen faces are out.

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Latest face lift techniques

What are you looking to improve ?

Sagginess in the neck and jowls

The face and neck lift addresses tissue aging in the lower face (neck and jowls). This type of face lift offers natural results with no disparities between the face and neck where the aging signs left untreated negatively impact facial rejuvenation.

Crow’s feet and eyebrow sagging

The temporal lift technique addresses facial aging in the region of the temples. When the temples area is treated, the lower face is treated as well, which makes this type of lift a treatment of choice for good candidates.

Forehead wrinkles

The forehead lift, which tends to freeze the forehead entirely, is no longer performed as the

Botox injections alternative are equally effective with a more natural result.


Face and neck lift

The scar starts at the hairline behind the ears and runs along the earlobe to end in the neck hairline.

Temporal lift

The scar also starts in the hairline of the temples area and follows the same pattern as the face and neck lift.

Face lifts can be combined with neck liposuction to improve definition of the neck / chin angle. Facial fat grafting can be performed to restore roundness in the cheekbones area when age related fat migration has resulted in hollowed cheeks.