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A few things you might not know about wrinkles

While everybody knows that cigarettes and sun exposure accelerate the aging process, certain things about the skin are less known, like fact that oily skins, which are often prone to acne problems during adolescence, age better than thin skin with no imperfections at the age of 20. If aging signs have become way too noticeable and a major problem that skin care can’t fix, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr.Balti through the contact form of his website to know which facial rejuvenation treatments are the most suited for your skin.

Oily skins are less prone to wrinklesSebum, when secretedin excess, forms a barrier against skin drying. The epidermis is also thicker and more elastic, which translates to fewer wrinkles developing slower. However, anti-aging care specifically formulated for oily skins are important because of its tendency to sag with age.

Healthy eating promotes healthy skinNutrition plays in important role in health and skin aging. Balanced and varied meals are always ideal, rich in vitamin A, E and C, in fat acids (fish, oils…) and trace elements to alleviate wrinkles.

Poor circulation contributes to wrinklesWhen micro-circulation is altered, oxygen and nutritive elements necessary for skin cells vitality are insufficiently supplied. Circulation has to be stimulated to delay aging signs, with appropriate care, face massages and food.

Stress, nicotine and sun exposure : three well known risk factors for wrinklesWhen under pressure, the body releases cortisol (stress hormone), which causes skin tissues inflammation and collagen break down while slowing down micro-circulation in the skin. Sunscreens can protect the skin from sun exposure while exercising regularly can promote circulation.