Over time, lips tend to dry out and lose volume, which makes them thinner and blurs out lip contours. This contributes to a severe and sad appearance of the face often causing self-consciousness.

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments can correct this issues by redefining the upper arch of the lips called « cupid’s bow », the curvature of the upper lips or the outlines of the lips.

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Lip volume : why it is essential to facial beauty

The problem with thinning lips

For many women, overly thin lips are a source of concern. Thin lips have poorly defined contours and can sometimes be asymmetrical. Thinning lips are also an aging sign that end up changing facial expression.

Usually, both the lower and upper lips are concerned with this progressive volume decrease, but certain patients present with a lack of volume in one of the lips only.

Lip volume loss

Volume loss in the lips occurs for men and women. Certain causes can accelerate this process :

  • Heredity : certain women have naturally thin lips with a lack of contour definition. These women can resort to lip augmentation to benefit from more balanced proportions.
  • Age : over time, skin loses elasticity and firmness, especially in the face. Volume loss and tissue sagging follow this process, which clearly marks the face with aging signs.
  • Smoking : nicotine has a negative impact on hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for skin hydration. Therefore smoking tends to accelerate lip volume loss, but also skin aging.
  • Sun exposure : prolonged sun exposure dries out the skin and contributes to volume loss in the mouth area.As a result, the lips become thinner and skin tends to develop wrinkles faster.

For facial rejuvenation purposes, a lot of women no longer reluctant to resort to cosmetic treatments, especially with the wide variety of non-invasive options available to them.