Improving the shape of the buttocks : answering essential questions

Which options are available to improve the appearance of the buttocks ?

Reshaping the buttocks can be achieved with different techniques, one of the most common procedures is the Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat grafting buttock augmentation. This procedure can reshape the buttocks area, from the hips to the upper part of the thighs, by harvesting excess fat in chosen areas and transferring it in the upper part of the buttocks.

To achieve larger buttocks volume and for patients with no excess fat areas, buttocks implants can be considered. The scar resulting from this procedure is virtually invisible. Implants now offer excellent and durable results with no discomfort beyond the recovery period.

Who are these procedures for ?

  • Male and female patients who are dissatisfied with the shape of their buttocks can benefit from these procedures. The problem usually lies in poor fat distribution between the hips, flanks and upper thighs.
  • Patients concerned with insufficient buttock projection : overly flat shape or sagging buttocks.

How to choose between buttocks implants and the Brazilian Butt Lift ?

Surgeons are the only practitioners qualified to recommend one of these procedures, after a comprehensive clinical examination and a conversation to know what the patient’s expectations are. These procedures are not always both suited to every patient and surgeons work at determining which surgery can offer the most natural results.

What is the typical patient requesting this procedure ?

There is no typical profile among patient consulting for a buttock augmentation. In most cases, patients request a significant improvement of the shape of their buttocks with the least possible restrictions.

Are non-invasive treatments recommended for these patients ?

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery are not competing here since results are not comparable at all. Patients have to make their choice after a comprehensive examination and discussion with their surgeon. Patients wishing to improve the shape of their buttocks cannot expect non-invasive treatments to offer significant results, even though these treatments can be beneficial.