Fat grafting breast augmentation walid balti

Fat grafting breast augmentation : a great alternative to breast implants

Fat grafting breast augmentation can increase breast volume while preserving the natural appearance of the breasts. This technique does not require breast implants or result in scars. Initially designed for the breast reconstruction purposes, fat grafting breast augmentation provides moderate volume increases for suited candidates. Fat tissue transferred in the breast does not cause rejection because it comes from the patient and unwanted side effects from breast implants are not a concern, which are highly appreciated benefits for many patients.

Fat grafting in practice

Before considering fat grafting, a mammography is necessary to rule out the possibility of breast cancer. Fat grafting breast augmentation involves fat harvesting with a thin liposuction cannula in excess fat areas such as the stomach, the inner thighs, the saddle bags, the hips… The harvested fat is centrifuged in order to separate quality fat cells from the other cells and fluids. All these steps are performed during the same procedure (fat harvesting, purification and injection in the breasts). Up to 30% of the transferred fat can resorb during the first 3 months following surgery, but after that, patients can expect the result to be definitive. A second procedure can be performed to achieve greater volume increases.

When is this procedure recommended ? Who is it for ?

Ideal candidates to fat grafting breast augmentation are relatively young patients with no family or personal history of breast cancer. Patients who can benefit from this surgery are :

  • Patients who want to achieve moderate and natural breast volume increases.
  • Women who do not want breast implants.
  • Patients presenting with breast asymmetry, when breast implantation is too challenging.

Fat grafting is also commonly used to improve the result of breast augmentation with implants.