The Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly called ‘BBL’, is a cosmetic surgery designed to address visible buttocks imperfections in order to create ideal curves and a more balanced figure. The BBL can be described as a liposculpture procedure using liposuction and fat transfer techniques.

fat transfer to buttock tunisia

How fat tissue is used by the BBL to improve shape and volume

Addressing buttock imperfections

The BBL is a very popular procedure due to its ability to address multiple concerns at the same time. If the patient stores too much fat in the buttocks area, the surgeon can remove unsightly fat deposit from saddle bags, for instance, before adding volume in more beneficial part of the buttocks to reshape them. On the other hand, if the patient’s buttocks are flat, the surgeon will harvest from excess fat deposit in the body and use fat tissue to add sufficient volume in the buttocks. Fat transfer to buttocks can offer harmonious and symmetrical body contours. Note that if the patient is too skinny, the surgeon has no fat tissue to work with and is likely to recommend buttock implants.

BBL results

Fat grafting buttock augmentation results are durable and perfectly natural when performed correctly. Typically, a single BBL procedure is enough to meet the patient’s expectations, offering sensual and balanced curves with a more graceful and feminine figure. Combining liposuction in surrounding areas (hips, thighs, stomach) with fat grafting buttock augmentation can offer superior results depending, on the patient’s morphology, by sculpting the hips to buttocks transition and highlighting the buttocks.

In which cases can the BBL be beneficial ?

Surgeons usually recommend the fat transfer buttock augmentation in the following cases :

  • Flat buttocks lacking volume.
  • Distorted appearance of the buttocks following weight loss.
  • Lack of buttock projection.
  • Lack of roundness in the buttocks shape.