At the age of 40, many men gain weight. The stomach and hips areas tend to store more fat than others. Unfortunately, fat tissue in the love handles is hard to remove. When diet is inefficient, cosmetic surgery offers a highly reliable solution to this issue.

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How can I get rid of my persisting love handles ?

Men’s fat storage areas

Men’s excess fat issues are usually independent from hormonal fluctuations, which mainly affect women. Men’s weight gain typically results from sedentary lifestyle and diets too rich in sugar and fat. Men’s figure tends to change with waist and hips enlargement resulting from fat accumulation.

Why are love handles hard to get rid of ?

Love handles are subcutaneous fat deposits. When diet is combined to regular exercise, partial melting of superficial fat can be achieved, but fat cells located buried deeply in soft tissues are usually not affected.

Are there alternative treatments ?

Diets and cosmetic products only offer mild improvements whereas cosmetic surgery offers a far more effective solution in the form of liposuction, which consistently provides male patients with excellent and durable results (as long as weight remains relatively stable). Hip liposuction removes excess fat cells to erase disproportions in the middle third of the body. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure and its duration is one to two hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed.

What’s different with liposuction for men ?

Liposuction can be considered for men with no history of chronic condition or cardiovascular problems. For the result to be durable, a compressive garment has to be worn during 4 weeks. Physical activities can resume after a month. Bruising and swelling are usually quick to disappear, usually at the 10 days post-op mark. Definitive results can be seen after 2 to 4 months, and love handles don’t grow back unless the patient keeps having unhealthy eating habits.