A lot of women dream about well defined sensual buttocks, but this area is delicate to deal with. Fat tissue tends to be stored there, especially with weight gain. Cellulite can also contribute to irregularities, definition loss and a disproportionate appearance. Liposuction is often recommended by cosmetic surgeons to sculpt feminine body contours, which can be used to correct the buttocks area. To schedule your liposuction in Tunisia with a certified and experienced surgeon, fill in the contact form of Dr.Balti’s website.

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Reshaping the buttocks by sculpting around them

Women’s fat distribution

Strict diets and exercise don’t always guarantee significant and durable results. It is worth noting that the main fat storage area for women is the buttocks, which is dictated by biological reasons and under no circumstances affected by diet : women need sufficient supplies in case of pregnancy. While food restrictions can avoid fat accumulation, fat distribution, on the other hand, will never change.

Can liposuction be performed on the buttocks only ?

Women rarely present with excess fat tissue only in the buttocks. More often than not, the buttocks is not the only area affected. In this case, sculpting the whole middle third is usually the best approach with a liposuction procedure targeting the saddle bags, the hips and thighs. Arm and calf liposuction can also be performed during the same operation if needed. Surgeons preliminary work involves determining the necessary corrections depending on the patient’s morphology. Each procedure has to be tailored to balance the patient’s figure as a whole and avoid discrepancies. In many instances, liposuction in the areas mentioned earlier is the best approach to highlight the buttocks, which don’t necessarily need a volume increase to be balanced with the rest of the body.

What to know before requesting a liposuction procedure

During the procedure, multiple short incisions (a few millimeters) are made to allow subcutaneous fat removal with micro-cannulas. Precision is very important with the liposuction technique, because it is used to even and smooth out the skin for an optimal result. Patients can expect a short stay at the hospital or clinic (typically one night). Wearing a compressive garment is usually necessary during 4 weeks after the operation.