If you sometimes wake up with puffy eyes, your face probably looks tired because of it. Over time, under eye bags can be a concern for women and men. Whether you are bothered by slight swelling under your eyes or by big under eye bags, these tend to disturb facial harmony. How do they form ? Is aging or the lack of sleep causing them ?

Under eye bags can have different causes. While they tend to make the face look older and tired, aging is not necessarily the culprit. In most cases, the lack of sleep is the real cause. Fatigue tends to leave marks on the face in the form of under eye bags. These ‘bags’ are often visible in the morning since the lymphatic system slows down during the night. Aside from lifestyle factors, under eye bags can also result from genetic and medical factors.


Different types of under eye bags


Whatever the cause is, swelling is typically the result of bad circulation or dysregulation of lymphatic tissues. There are two types of under eye bags : bags resulting from swelling and bags caused by fat accumulation in the lower eyelid.

Swelling causing under eye bags to form can be the result of a lack of sleep, excessive salt intake or alcohol intake and smoking, which is well known for being bad for lymph and blood circulation. These factors contribute to fluid retention, which can lead to under eye bags. In this case, lifestyle and diet changes can help alleviate under eye bags.

Excess fat

With age, fat deposits can also grow under the eyes. These are originally supposed to be located in the orbits to protect the eyes. What makes these fat deposits protrude is tissue laxity under the eyes, which leaves fat pads with little to no support. In this case, non-surgical and surgical options can be used to either remove excess fat or bring skin at the same level as the protruding fat pads to hide them.