The lips are the fleshy part of the mouth. They play an important part in seduction. They often are the center of attention, which is why more and more women are seeking lip enhancement treatments. Patients can choose to simply rehydrate their lips to rejuvenate their appearance or request lip augmentation to correct a lack of volume and definition.


Hyaluronic acid (HA)

Filler injections are the main treatment option to improve hydration, shape, volume and contours. Depending on the product used, patients can benefit from rehydration or a slight volume increase. The objective is to achieve a beautiful shape without necessarily increasing their volume significantly.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin that is altered with age. The biodegradable property of HA can be seen as a benefit because it offers a non-definitive result, but it can also be seen as a drawback because maintenance injections are necessary for the result to stay the same.

Fat grafting

Another surgical technique with the same principle as HA injections is fat grafting lip augmentation, which offers a permanent result. This procedure uses the patient’s own fat, which is harvested through liposuction and injected in the lips. This treatment does not involve implanting a foreign object in the patient’s body, but it is still a surgical procedure requiring hospitalization and anaesthesia. Patients have to expect swelling and bruising after surgery, which usually resolves in a week.

Depending on what your goals and preferences are, you can choose between these two treatments to increase the volume of your naturally thin lips or make them a little plumper. As lips tend to lose volume over time, lip wrinkles tend to accentuate as well, which is why older patients can greatly benefit from lip enhancement.

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