Fat grafting surgery is a procedure involving fat harvesting and fat injections on the same patient to restore volume or reshape certain areas.

Patients requesting this procedure are asked to stop smoking if they do smoke 1 month before the procedure (sometimes more) since it delays wound healing and increases the risk of infection.

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In which cases can you benefit from fat grafting ?

For aesthetic reasons

Fat grafting can be used to fill in wrinkles, to restore volume to correct facial hollows, to improve the result of a facelift and to correct the lack of volume in certain areas such as the breasts or buttocks (BBL) by harvesting fat and reinjecting it.

For reconstructive purposes

Fat grafting is commonly used in the field of reconstructive surgery, for instance to repair the damages caused by trauma or burns and to improve the result of a breast augmentation after the removal of the breast gland.

The results

Fat grafting results start to become visible 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, once bruising and swelling have gone down, but patients still have to wait 3 to 6 months to be able to see the definitive result. Results are excellent when the procedure is indicated and when the right technique is used. A touch-up procedure can be performed 6 months after the initial procedure if necessary.

Fat grafting results are definitive, because fat cells are grafted. Patients still have to keep an eye on their weight since it can affect the transferred fat cells just as it would affect fat that is already in the area. Also, natural aging is not prevented by fat grafting, therefore the treatment area is subject to the same changes as other areas of the body.