Cosmetic surgery is not to be taken lightly. Reflection is important to determine your motivations and make sure you are ready to go ahead with surgery. The following frequently asked questions might give you the answers you are looking for if you are considering cosmetic surgery.

FAQ : questions about cosmetic surgery

FAQ : questions about cosmetic surgery

Is cosmetic surgery available to anyone ?

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly common and people’s opinion has changed a lot. This is due to advances in surgical techniques that made procedures much more precise and safe. Today, it not uncommon for men and women to resort to cosmetic surgery to accept their body and regain confidence. Cosmetic surgery is not reserved to a certain social class, it is available to everyone.

Is anesthesia different in the field of cosmetic surgery ?

There several types of anesthesia used in the field of cosmetic surgery, here is a list of the most commonly used ones :

  • Local anesthesia, which can be used for procedures involving small treatment areas and doesn’t require hospitalization.
  • Infiltration anesthesia, which is a more sophisticated form of local anesthesia used for procedures involving larger treatment areas. It combines local anesthetic with saline and is injected under the skin, in the treatment area.
  • General anesthesia, which the most common type of anesthesia for cosmetic surgeries. It offers great comfort for both surgeons and patients. The use of general anesthesia is not questionable in many cases. It is always preferable for the surgeon to be able to work properly and for the patient to avoid pain during the procedure then the opposite.

Is age a determining factor for cosmetic surgery candidates ?

Age is a not a determinant factor as long as the patient is in good health. Patients must have realistic expectations and take time to reflect on their choice before undergoing surgery. In this case, cosmetic surgery can have a positive impact. A thorough pre-operative evaluation is always required before any surgeons decides to operate.