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FAQ : questions about cosmetic surgery part 2

What is the connection between cosmetic surgery and self esteem ?

There is countless factors influencing the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. These factors are often psychological : patients feel a gap between how they feel inside and their appearance in the mirror. For these patients, cosmetic surgery is a way to be able to accept their body. Getting rid of minor imperfections is liberating for a lot of patients, leading to body positivity and a better quality of life.

Why are patients advised to stop smoking before cosmetic surgery ?

No matter which surgery patients undergo, cosmetic or not, smoking can lead to postoperative complications. It is highly advised to stop smoking completely 2 to 4 weeks before surgery. Not complying with this requirement entails complications risks, especially delayed wound healing, infections, respiratory and cardiac issues.

Is there a way to avoid scars ?

By definition, cosmetic surgery involves incisions resulting in scars. Most of the time, scars are very discreet as surgeons perform incisions in natural grooves and folds of the body such as the infra-mammary fold or the underarms for breast augmentation, in the hairline for face lifts… Even when the treatment area does not offer discreet incision sites, scars are relatively small and discreet.

How to care for scars after surgery ?

When the surgeons completes the procedure, he performs sutures and dressings are placed on the scars. When the stitches are removed, a cream can be applied on the scars to help the skin heal. It is recommended to use a cream recommended by the surgeon daily to speed up the healing process as it can take time. Sun exposure on the scars is to be avoided as much as possible during a year following surgery.