Facial areas that betray your age

Facial areas that betray your age

The forehead and glabella (space between the eyebrows)

Wrinkles in the forehead and glabella are expression wrinkles. This type of wrinkle results from repeated facial muscle contraction. When facial muscles contract, folds can be seen in these areas. Before the age of 20, skin is not affected by muscle contractions and stays smooth. However, starting from the age of 20, the aging process starts and skin slowly loses elasticity. In order to avoid a severe or worried facial expression due to forehead and glabella wrinkles, filler injections can be efficient treatment option. Fillers can fill in wrinkles, grooves and restore skin volume.

Crow’s feet

Wrinkles in the outer eye corners are expression wrinkles as well, they become visible when smiling. With age, these wrinkles tend to stay imprinted in facial skin, resulting in a full and old appearance of the face. Certain injection treatments can alleviate them, but a thorough examination performed by Dr Walid Balti is necessary to determine the most suited approach.

Cheekbones and cheeks

During the aging process, the skin progressively loses tissue support : fat tissue contributing to skin volume and plumpness slowly melts and migrates downward. As a result, the cheekbones and cheeks areas become saggy, which creates facial hollows and a tired look on the face. For patients concerned with this aging sign, filler injections can provide very consistent results.

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are located between nose and mouth corners. These folds are usually associated with tissue sagging in the cheeks area. In order to alleviate these deep folds, the most efficient approach is often filler injections.

Upper and lower lip wrinkles

Vertical wrinkles located over and under the lips contribute to facial aging. Filler injections can treat lip contours very precisely. Ultrasound are also commonly used to smooth out the area.