liposuction surgery area tunisia

Liposuction results in different areas

Abdominal liposuction

  • In case of excess fat in the stomach area with no distension : a standalone liposuction procedure is usually the most suited approach.
  • In case of excess fat with stomach distension : if skin and muscle laxity is mild, liposuction alone can often induce sufficient skin retraction. Otherwise, liposuction can be combined with a specific lift or a tummy tuck.

If you are planning on getting your liposuction surgery in Tunisia, make sure to consult a body contouring specialist such as Dr.Balti to know what your best options are.

Buttocks liposuction

Rejuvenating the buttocks area often requires liposuction to alleviate tissue sagging and fat deposits. Buttocks liposuction can be used to decrease the overall volume of the buttocks, to make the lower edge of the buttocks round or to decrease buttocks projection. Fat removal cannot be too aggressive in order to avoid emptying out the skin envelope and skin sagging that would require a lift. Weight loss and muscle mass decrease in non-round buttocks can result in a flat appearance, which can only be improved with fat grafting buttock augmentation of buttock implants.

Saddle bags liposuction

In most cases, thigh liposuction is enough to induce skin retraction, in the inner side as well as the outer side of the thighs (saddle bags). Thigh liposuction can be combined with an inner thigh lift when excess skin is too important. Thigh lift is also an option to consider in case of insufficient skin retraction after liposuction.

Knee liposuction

The knee, especially the inner side of the knee, is a common fat accumulation area. This has nothing to do with overweight or obesity, in this case, the knee is predisposed to fat storage and diets are usually not helpful to get rid of fat deposits. Liposuction in the inner knee can restore harmonious curves and contours while lengthening the legs. Other parts of the knee can be treated as well if necessary (upper, lower and outer sides).