ear surgeryOtoplasty refers to a surgery designed to correct ears that stick out too much. Ear surgery in Tunisia can performed on men, women, boys and girls. Sticking-out ears do not occur during the child’s development, they are due to a congenital malposition of ear cartilage. Typically, both ears are affected, but Dr.Balti can obviously treat a single ear.

Imperfections / malformation of the ears

Otoplasty surgery offers to correct the 3 most common ear defects :

  • Excessive detachment of the auricle in relation to the skull, which makes the ears too visible.
  • Hypertrophied auricle of the ear making the ear too big.
  • The auricle is not properly folded, which makes the ears smooth and hollow similarly to a spoon.

The operation corrects unsightly defects of position, shape and appearance.


Who is it for ?

Otoplasty is most often performed on 6 or 7 years old kids as long as the child and his parents express the wish to get the surgery. The procedure can be performed later during adolescence or adulthood.

Otoplasty can bring the ears back closer to the skull, and possibly reduce their size with a complementary surgical technique.

What happens during consultation ?

The clinical examination evaluates the ears objectively : position, shape, shape and compares each one of these characteristics for both ears. The flexibility of the cartilage is also a plus because it determines the result’s quality. All the information required to understand the procedure fully is given to the patient during the consultation. Patients make better decision with all the info in hand, advices and postoperative care are also summed-up in a personal sheet.

Blood work is required before the procedure and a consultation with the anesthesiologist is scheduled before the patient’s hospitalization. It necessary for patients to stop smoking a few weeks before and after the procedure, medication containing aspirin are also proscribed.