Flat buttocks are often a source of embarrassment and confidence issues. Buttocks projection is an essential factor influencing the appearance of the buttocks and the whole figure. There are multiples surgical techniques designed to contour the buttocks and improve projection. Often times, surgical procedures are combined to offer satisfactory results. Liposuction, skin removal techniques as well as fat grafting and buttock augmentation with implants can correct almost any defect.

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All about the booty : beauty signs, imperfections, surgical improvements

What makes the buttocks considered beautiful ?

What makes the buttocks beautiful is their proportions with the rest of the body, shape, tissue density revealed during movements and skin texture. Very few studies have published on the subject of beauty signs in the gluteal region that cosmetic surgery could improve (volume, shape, proportions). Still, certain characteristics often found in harmonious and attractive buttocks do stand out :

  • Buttocks projection
  • Horizontal gluteal crease
  • Dimples of Venus
  • Lumbar curvature, which can vary depending on ethnicity and postural habits acquired during childhood

What deteriorates the appearance of the buttocks

Buttocks volume and shape can steer away from the characteristics mentioned above under the effect of aging or weight gain :

  • With age, buttocks lose width and the horizontal gluteal crease expands laterally downwards.
  • Weight gain contributes to sagging : the gluteal region widens and the crease shortens.
  • Secondary weight loss associated with age related sagging skin contributes to ptosis and volume loss in the upper sides of the gluteal region.

Buttocks surgery techniques

Buttocks surgery is primarily designed for women wishing to restore harmonious proportions and shape in the gluteal region. Each morphology is unique, which is why surgical techniques are systematically chosen according to the patient’s anatomical specificities. There are 4 variables allowing to categorize the buttocks :

  • Anteroposterior projection, which gives the buttocks their round appearance and projection.
  • Side projection, which basically corresponds to buttocks width.
  • Overall buttocks volume.
  • Skin sagging severity (ptosis).
  • Depending on the patient’s body type, the surgeon can determinate the most suited operating plan allowing to correct defects and imperfections.