Choosing breast implants

Choosing breast implants

Breasts implants have considerably evolved over the past 10 years. Patients now have many choices : volume, shapes, textures, profiles, etc. In order for the result to be natural, implants need to be chosen carefully so as to fit the patient’s morphology.

Women wishing to change the shape of their breasts or gain breast volume can have very different expectations. After the removal of one or two breasts during a mastectomy, women can regain a part of their body and femininity with breasts implants. Patients embarrassed about a small cup size since adolescence can gain confidence with a larger size. Finally, patients with the main goal of correcting sagging breasts can often benefit from breast augmentation with implants in Tunisia to correct the frequent associated volume loss.

Breast implants choices

Breast implants can offer very specific results to meet each patient’s expectations. There are mainly two types of shapes :

  • Anatomical implants : this implant is characterized by a pear or teardrop shape with a convex base. It is suited for women going through breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or women affected by hypoplastic breasts (little to no breast tissue growth).
  • Round implants : this type of implant is the most commonly used. It brings volume in the upper pole of the breasts, which offers apple or pear shaped breasts, more or less curved depending on the desired cup size.
    Implant placement gives further control on breasts projection for a natural or ‘push-up’ appearance. Other criterias have to be taken into account when choosing breast implants :

    • The material inside : implants can be filled with silicone gel which offers a natural appearance and consistency. Implants can also be filled with saline, which offers satisfactory results.
    • Implants envelope : the envelope can be more or less textured, which influences implants mobility. Textures implants envelopes improve adhesion to the mammary gland.