Wondering about breast reduction ? Here are some answers for you

Breast reduction is a procedure that has to be well-considered, because it leaves scars, which are hidden behind underwear, but still there. The request for breast reduction is an easy choice for women experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain or maceration under the breasts and itching. Breast reduction yields a high satisfactory rate as patients are no longer burdened by overly heavy breasts. Here are the main reasons motivating patients to schedule their breast reduction in Tunisia :

  • Decrease breast weight, back shoulder and neck pain
  • Make clothing choices easier with the possibility of wearing tight fitting clothes
  • Make exercising easier (running, biking…)
  • Treat breast ptosis (breast sagging) often associated with overly large breasts and improve breast shape.

Is breastfeeding still possible after breast reduction ?

Since breast reduction removes tissue in the lower part of the mammary gland, breastfeeding can be altered after the operation. However, surgeons typically preserve the upper part of the breast and tissue behind the areola, which limits the risk of breastfeeding difficulties.

Am I going to lose sensitivity ?

Most patients report a temporary loss of sensitivity before it goes back to normal. Dissecting breast tissue correctly avoids the risk of permanent sensation loss.

Is there a way to know how the scars change over time ?

Each patient heals differently and wound healing is partly determined by genetic factors, which means the appearance of the scars is not predictable. However, using resorbable stitches to close the incisions with low tension limits the risk of hypertrophic scars.

Is pregnancy possible after breast reduction ?

Yes, of course. However, patients should always wait a year after surgery before getting pregnant in order for the scars to be fully healed. Surgeons always advise patients to have their baby, or babies, before planning breast reduction surgery.

Before / After : breast reduction by Dr Walid Balti


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