Body contouring includes many different procedures intended to improve the appearance of the buttocks such as buttocks liposuction, buttock augmentation with implants and fat grafting as well as lifting techniques designed to remove excess skin under the gluteal fold and in the upper part of the buttocks.

The buttocks have been getting a lot of attention over the past years, mainly through social networks with specific standards : round buttocks with significant volume and a very narrow pelvis. Patients have to be careful with these trends that cannot be perceived as beauty standards. Each patient has a unique figure for which improvements are possible, but with subtlety to avoid stereotypes.

The buttocks have to be considered with the pelvis and hips. Harmonious saddlebags with no excess also count as an important beauty criteria in this area.

Buttock enhancement procedures

Buttock enhancement procedures

Buttock enhancement techniques

  • Buttock implants : Implants provide volume, roundness and projection. Buttock augmentation with implants is the most efficient way to increase volume in the central and upper part of the buttocks.
  • Fat grafting buttock augmentation : Fat grafting can improve the shape of the pelvis area by reallocating excess fat in the hips and saddlebags. Fat grafting is suited for slight to moderate volume increases, it also provides roundness and improves the shape of the buttocks.
  • Buttock liposuction : Removing excess fat located all around the buttocks area can significantly improve their appearance : saddlebags and hips liposuction can do wonders for the buttocks.
  • Buttocks lifting techniques : Excess skin removal under the gluteal fold can be necessary when buttock augmentation techniques cannot treat the issue.

Generally, breast enhancement procedures are not considered as invasive procedures. Most of them can be performed as outpatient procedures, with the exception of buttock augmentation with implants that require an overnight stay under medical observation. The recovery is fairly simple for these procedures, even though implants require more precautions than other operations.