Actual beauty trends advocate slender figures complemented with beautiful curves. Many women are unsatisfied with the flat appearance of their buttocks. Unfortunately, exercising regularly only changes buttocks shape for a handful of women. Fat grafting buttock augmentation in Tunisia can offer wonderful natural results for women concerned with this issue.

Why buttocks can be flat and how to make them plump

Why buttocks can be flat and how to make them plump

Why the buttocks are sometimes flat

Genetics are often responsible here. Certain women store more fat around the hips and buttocks while others have flat buttocks. Buttocks are made of fat tissue and muscles. There are three muscles : the gluteus maximus (the biggest muscle in the human body) the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. Building muscles doesn’t guarantee more shapely buttocks, because fat tissue covering the muscles maintain the lack of firmness, especially with cellulite. In most cases, cosmetic surgery is the only efficient option to transform the flat appearance of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation has two objectives here : creating volume where needed and improve the buttocks shape while complying with the patient’s morphology to avoid imbalance with the waistline.

Fat grafting buttock augmentation

In order to create a more plump shape, liposuction is first performed to harvest fat tissues. Fat can be harvested from almost any fat deposit in the body, including the buttocks when unsightly fat bulges (the saddle bags for instance) need to be moved to another location in the buttocks for more a lifted and toned appearance. The second step of the buttock augmentation procedure is fat injections. The previously harvested fat is purified by centrifugation and reinjected at different depths in the buttocks, usually in the central upper-part. Fat grafting buttock augmentation is a reliable and minimally invasive surgery offering significant and durable results. Note that part of the fat injected (30 to 40%) resorbs in the body, which is why surgeons inject a little more than what’s needed to get the expected result.