How you can get a natural breast augmentation result

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Thanks to breast implants and advanced surgical techniques, a lot of women can increase the size of their breast for a more balanced figure and correct defects such as breast asymmetry. A few stereotypes still associate breast augmentation with artificial results. Needless to say these stereotypes are outdated and all the more false today. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery in Tunisia with Dr Walid Balti, you will benefit from the following approach of breast augmentation.

Focusing on natural results and patients satisfaction

From the first consultation, the surgeon has to identify his patient’s objectives before recommending a realistic operating plan. Listening to patients expectations is of the essence in the field of cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation patients are encouraged to talk freely with their surgeon and take as much time for reflection as they need to make a decision. Surgeons recommendations usually compromise between optimal results and patients requests, which can correspond to expectations or slightly deviate from the initial request for the sake of a beautiful result. After a thorough consultation, patients are informed of their best options so they can make a choice accordingly.

How to make the right choice

Satisfied patients are patients who don’t regret their decision and who are proud of their new figure. Qualified surgeons don’t cave into beauty trends to make recommendations. A good operating plan for breast augmentation always favors balance and well-being. There are different ways to offer a relevant option to patients requesting breast augmentation :

  • Before and after photos of previous patients with similar morphologies can help women picture the final result.
  • Breast augmentation techniques and implants have to be chosen according to patients morphology and age (fat grafting breast augmentation, implants type, size, texture, etc.).
  • The surgeons expertise, his appreciation of the patient’s figure as a whole, is what guarantees a harmonious and natural result.