Tummy tuck surgery can be considered when the stomach is lax with more or less excess sagging skin. In severe cases, skin excess forms what is called a pannus, which is similar to an apron, covering the pubic area. Significant skin excess and laxity in the stomach usually occurs after weight loss or twin pregnancies, it can also result from genetics when the stomach has been protruded since birth.

In case of muscle weakness or separation in the abdominal wall (diastasis), the surgeon can provide additional muscle tightening during the tummy tuck procedure for the result to be improved and long-lasting.

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Tummy tuck options

Am I eligible to surgery ?

Best candidates to a tummy tuck surgery are close to their ideal weight, overweight being an obstacle to good and durable results. Patients have to stop smoking during approximately 1 month before surgery, because it limits the risk of delayed wound healing and complications such as phlebitis.

What is the mini tummy tuck ?

In case of minor to mild laxity, the tummy tuck procedure can be performed with shorter incisions to tighten the stomach just enough. Muscle laxity can’t be addressed with this technique because of limited access to the abdominal region, only the lower stomach can be treated this way. While a mini tummy tuck is usually not enough to treat most patients, it offers certain benefits to eligible patients : shorter scars and shorter recovery time.

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Mini tummy tuck

Is liposuction possible during a tummy tuck ?

Yes. When excess fat is overloading the waist and stomach, liposuction is usually added to the preoperative plan. To refine the tummy tuck’s result, many patients also choose thigh and knee liposuction.