About facial contours

Oval of the face: what is it ?

The oval of the face is defined by the contours of the lower face, mainly the lower jaw. The jawline has to be straight and distinct for the face to look young and toned, that’s what Dr.Balti, best tunisian plastic surgeon, provides to his patients requesting a facial rejuvenation.

How does the lower face change ?

With age, jowls shift downwards, which detracts the straightness and definition of the jawline. The face can then look heavy, less toned and aged.

Why do jowls sag ?

Typically, jowls sag because of skin laxity associated with natural aging, but it can also happen when fat accumulates in the area.

Restoring facial contours to their previous state

What treatments are there ?

The non-invasive approach uses fillers injections whereas the surgical approach uses the neck and facelift in Tunisia to rejuvenate facial contours.

  • Fillers injections can be considered in case of mild to moderate jowl sagging with little ‘cuts’ (or loss) of definition in the jawline.
  • Surgical lifts are necessary when skin excess and laxity are too severe.

A careful examination by a facial rejuvenation specialist such as Dr.Balti is necessary to determine the best course of action.

How can filler injections help ?

In order to rejuvenate facial contours, Dr.Balti works on improving the jawline’s definition and straightness. Hollows responsible for breaking the jawline can be filled with fillers. The area of concern is usually located at the junction between the jowl and the chin. There are two ways of filling these hollows: with hyaluronic based products or fat grafting which are respectively non-invasive and minimally invasive.

What’s the surgical option ?

The best suited surgical approach to correct facial contours is the facelift, or the mini-facelift for a minority of patients with mild degrees of skin sagging.