The eyes area plays a major role in the appearance of the face. Advances in the field of aesthetic medicine have made it possible to treat imperfections and aging signs in this delicate area. Over time, the eyes tend to look tired or sad for no reason, which is why many patients want to rejuvenate this area.


Over time, the eyelid skin tends to become wrinkled and flabby, which leads to the eyes being ‘hooded’. When skin sagging causes discomfort or vision issues, surgery becomes a need. When skin sagging is moderate, patients can choose to undergo an eyelid lift to get rid of the tired appearance of their eyes. The procedure includes general or local anesthesia, excess skin removal and sutures. The upper eyelid lift incision is made in the natural fold of the eyelid, which makes it virtually invisible. The incision used to treat the lower eyelids is made in the lashes line, which leaves no visible traces of surgery.

Black circles

Black circles around the eyes can be of ethnic origin or caused by a melanin increase in this region. In those cases, carboxytherapy and depigmenting peels can be used to brighten the skin.


A large number of hyaluronic based fillers can be used to treat the eye region. Semi-reticulated HA fillers can fill in hollows to rejuvenate and brighten the eyes.

Expression wrinkles

The face if often marked by muscle hyperactivity. Between the eyes, the corrugator muscle causes frown lines and the orbicular muscle causes crow’s feet in the eye corners. In this case, treatment includes Botox injections in those muscles to relax them during several months, which alleviates wrinkles and lines.
Specialists recommend early treatment and staying away from risk factors (smoking, alcohol, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyles).