Having beautiful breasts is not always possible when the woman’s body goes through weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies… Over time, breasts tend to sag and lose their original shape. These changes are rarely welcomed, which is why many women ask for breast procedures to correct different imperfections. Breast surgery can restore the natural roundness of the breasts and correct any defect. Breast hypertrophy is often associated with breast ptosis and both imperfections can be corrected at the same time.

Treating hypertrophied breast ptosis tunisia

Treating hypertrophied breast and breast ptosis

Achieving a beautiful breast shape in case of breast ptosis

Breasts tissues are composed of fat and ligaments, which are partly supported by skin. Over time, skin loses elasticity and tone, but this can also result from a pregnancy or repeated weight losses, and breasts tend to sag. Because of breast sagging, projection disappears, which lowers the position of the nipples on the chest.In this case, cosmetic surgery offers an efficient treatment to correct breast shape : breast lift surgery, also called mastopexia. This surgery aims at lifting up breast tissue, removing excess skin and repositioning the nipples higher.

Hypertrophied breasts

Breast hypertrophy is caused by an excessive growth of breast tissue, with or without excess fat. This condition can affect women and men’s breasts and have negative repercussions on daily life. Because hypertrophied breasts are heavy and overly large, they tend to sag. This causes the volume to be distributed in the lower pole of the breast and the upper pole of the breast to be emptied out. This uneven distribution of breast tissue can be corrected by breast surgery :

  • In case of male breast hypertrophy (gynecomastia), surgeons can reduce the size of the mammary gland.
  • Breast reduction for women’s breast hypertrophy can associate a mammary gland reduction with excess skin removal in order to restore breast shape, tone and position.