Treating dark circles with hyaluronic acid is a very common procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate the eyes area. This area is very delicate and complex, which is why patients should always choose an experienced practitioner.

treating circles around eyes HA injections

Treating circles around the eyes with HA injections

How do dark circles develop ?

Young individuals usually don’t have dark circles, which make the face look tired or aged. The eye can be considered as a ball surrounded with fat tissue and floating in their cavity. The cheekbones are located under the eye orbits and also covered with fat tissue. These tissues, covered by the skin, form a harmonious and smooth ensemble.

Tissue aging causes dark circles, but time is not the only culprit here. Dark circles are also caused by smoking, unhealthy habits and sun exposure. Dark circles are often mistaken for under eye bags. Hyaluronic acid injections are recommended to treat certain types of dark circles.

Hollowed circles

Hollowed circles in the eye area result from fat migration towards the cheekbones as well as fat melting over time in the orbits. This type of circle can be treated with HA injections.

Swollen circles

Also called under eye bags, swollen circles can have different causes. The two main factors are fat in the orbit herniating forward (the only way to treat the issue is blepharoplasty surgery) and bad lymphatic circulation (treatment differs).

Dark circles

Dark circles can be caused by skin pigmentation (when they are brown) or by the visibility of the veins under the skin (when circles are blue). There are often different types of circles in the same face.

What to expect from HA injections

Only the hollowed part of a circle can benefit from these injections as HA fills in missing volumes. The HA based product has to be specifically designed to treat the eye area, because skin in this area is very thin. Injections are made close to the bone in order to benefit from maximum tissue coverage. The treatment smoothes out the area of transition between the eye orbits and the cheekbones very nicely, but it does not correct skin pigmentation or swollen areas.