The eyelids are often one of the first areas of the face to show aging signs. This can be explained by the thinness of the skin in this region. If you pinch your skin in different locations of your face, you will see that eyelid skin is thinner than elsewhere, which causes it to age faster than the rest of the face. The eyelids are also very sensitive to fatigue, smoking and sun exposure.

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Rejuvenating the eyelids : choosing the right treatment

Agings signs in the eyelid area

The first aging signs in the eye area are alterations of the skin : lines under the eye and accentuation of the upper eyelid fold. Over time, aging signs worsen and excess skin sagging downwards can accumulate in the upper eyelid. In the lower eyelid, under eye bags can form as well as hollows right under them. These aging signs cause the eyes to look tired or sad.

Areas where aging signs can be seen

Aging affects different components of the eyes area. While the upper and lower eyelids are the first to suffer from aging, adjacent areas are also concerned. Crows’ feet tend to be very noticeable , which is also the case for frown lines that tend to result in a stern look. Sagging eyebrows also tend to make the eyes look heavy.

Treating aging signs in the eyelids

Lines located under the eyes are difficult to treat, which is why chemical peels, lasers or small amounts of Botox are recommended. The tail of the eyebrow can be lifted up with a well targeted small dose of Botox. Crows’ feet are easily treated with Botox : this requires 2 to 4 treatments per year to relax muscles causing expression wrinkles in the area. Botox becomes more efficient as injections are repeated.

When facial volume is missing, specialists use hyaluronic acid. A fluid form of HA is used to treat hollowed circles around the eyes whereas a product with more volume input is preferred to fill in the tear through as well as the superciliary arch.